In most instances, companies running on SAP realise that they have not optimally used the system for the business benefit that were initially envisaged. Further due to the rapid changes in the business, the system may be currently underutilized in line with these business changes. Value for the SAP investment is therefore under leveraged.


For Instance Just ask these Questions:


  1. Do you still use Excel for reporting to your management?
  2. Are your still processing payments manually?
  3. Are your financial reports still from “Outside the System”?
  4. Are you wondering if you are really using SAP to its maximum?


SAP has extensive features that offers huge business benefits if utilized completely. Most corporates opt for SAP based on these perceived business benefits – however in most cases, the complete utilization of SAP is not met and hence the benefits have not been reaped by the corporate.

Valgen does a complete diagnostic study of your SAP & Business practices and provides you a pre-cursor of the road-map for optimal utilization of SAP. In our expertise, we found that the following are some of the areas that could bring considerable business benefits to the organization:


  • Funds Management - Enable the organization to seamlessly and proactively fix, monitor and control budget for their operating expenses.
  • Automatic Payment program – Automatically brings up all the Vendor invoices due for payment and ensures that “not due” items are not paid.
  • EBRS – Most companies manually upload bank statement to do BRS. SAP has the EBRS facility which when implemented can load the bank statement received from the bank and complete the BRS with controls
  • ERS – Companies spend a lot of time in booking their vendor bills – ERS can enable auto booking of Vendor Bills and can save substantial amount of time.
  • Report Painter – Can provide a lot of MIS reports to the senior management to make on-time decisions.
  • Spl Ledger/ Parameterising expenses for analysis
  • IT depreciation from SAP
  • Interest Calculation on Bank / term loan accounts – In most cases, this is not automated from the system instead calculated manually to verify with Bank’s statement and JV is passed. Can be automated and system passes the entry.
  • Month end cockpit – Automate your month end activities / entries into a cockpit and post it automatically on a scheduled date, thus saving time. The activities that need to be automated can be decided by the client – typically would involve entries such as Rent, Pre-Paid expenses, Std Cost run, Depreciation posting etc.


The above areas are just indicative , Valgen undertakes a comprehensive Value Discovery program to uncover the complete gaps in the system.


The next steps would be to present to the management a List of actionable items and the true value which could be unleashed for the organisation. Valgen also undertakes work to ensure that the results are translated to reality. As a deliverable , we provide the management with comparison on the old state as well as the current state after the Implementation of the Value Discovery Program.

Importantly, we take an end-to-end, approach to process Value Discovery. Our workshops are cross-functional: we map your processes from end to end, rather than by department, for a truly holistic view of your operations.

Due to the nature of on-site services, the minimum length of our Value Process Discovery program is 4 weeks. To maximize the value of the service, we recommend 6-8 weeks.

Several large enterprises have undertaken this exercise to benefit from this Study. Call Valgen to understand where your system currently is and where it could potentially be for enhanced business benefits . You could be surprised with the results !!!




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