Implementation of SAP Software is a major business decision for customers. It Involves correct planning and most importantly proper execution to deliver the results envisaged by the management for the company. Valgen views SAP Projects not merely as IT projects but as business transformation projects which need to deliver the envisaged value to customers.

Valgen has developed a unique methodology known as the 6P Model for project Implementations.


This unique model has enabled us to have a enviable track record in SAP Implementations:


SAP Implementations
  • Have handled implementation for companies with turnover of more than a Billion USD
  • Have handled 25 locations in parallel
  • Have trained user base of more than 500 by engaging multiple teams
  • Have facilitated change management to bring organizational cultural change and adoption to SAP
  • Have handled diversified business under a single umbrella
  • Have handled and implemented projects with 88+ Profit Centers and 50+ Business Areas
  • Have completed implementations for a single umbrella with 90+ legal entities

A few of Our Timeline Track Records
  • Have completed end-to-end implementation in a 3 1/2 month timeframe (ahead of schedule)
  • Have rolled out an independent unit "as a Company Code" with all core modules, in a record span of less than a month
  • Have rolled out Special purpose ledger for a US based company on an onsite offshore model in a quick time span of 10 days.
  • Rolled out 80+ company codes (Fl only) and facilitated consolidation of accounts with in a time frame of 3 months.


Our Customers
  • We have retained all our customers till date
  • Created long term relationship with ALL our customers and work towards enabling our customers to reap the ROI from SAP on a continuous basis.
  • We have worked with Customers in Automotive, Foundries , Engineering , Real Estate , Energy & Power, Process & Discrete Manufacturing , Logistics , Hitech , Chemicals to name some of the industries.


Our Portfolio of Implementation services include


  • ERP Implementation
  • CRM Implementation
  • SRM Implementation
  • SCM Implemenation
  • CIN Implementation
  • Global & Country Rollouts
  • HR implementations
  • BI/ BO Implementations


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