In Many Organisations, SAP Applications have now become the Heart of the organisation. It is in the Organisations interest to ensure that the heart remains healthy and has the right support.

However Organisations are faced with a plethora of Challenges. Primarily getting the right technical SAP consultants, retaining these consultants particularly if you are a manufacturing company, Constant upgradation of their skills particularly with recent trends like HANA, Mobility, Cloud emerging and of course ensuring all this within constrained budgets could pose a serious challenge to your business.


sap challenges

Customers are now asking what are the options and whom can I trust to ensure my objectives in terms of:
  • Ensuring my SAP Environment meets the Business needs of today & tomorrow.
  • Most Importantly a partner, I can trust for such a critical aspect of my business.

Valgen core philosphy revolves around trust and capability and several customers of varied sizes have experienced our superior quality of services . With us, Clients get more than just a contract. We deliver strategic partnership.

Valgen SAP state analysis study

Provides a very comprehensive, detailed, in depth analysis of your current SAP System that provides a clear path to drive continuous improvement across the SAP Landscape.

Scalability & Flexibility

Valgen provides a shared services Model with deep domain expertise consultants & highly competent technical consultants. This model offers the clients the dual benefits of Quality resources at an affordable price.


Valgen has a set of tools to analyse the efficiency of your business processes & optimize them. Tools are also available for optimizing the redundant programs and also optimize them

Support for Emerging Technologies

By Choosing Valgen, Clients enjoy the benefits of a very talented pool of SAP Consultants in emerging technologies such as Mobility, HANA, Analytics & Cloud.

Benefits to Clients
  • Cost reduction from 10 to 60%
  • Improved & predictable response to End users
  • Improved productivity gains
  • Ensuring an agile IT response to evolving Business needs


Valgen can help you in choosing the right support model specific to your needs based on various criteria.


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