As Technology & business evolve, there is a distinct need for the technology platform to support the Change.


Key Drivers:


Technical Upgrade

Some of the key reasons for SAP Upgrades are:


  • Industry-driven technical Innovation
  • Vendor-driven technical Innovation
  • Business event requirements
  • Total Cost of Ownership reduction
  • Version De-support

Functional Upgrade
  • Stop or prevent business "Pain."
  • Support new Lines of business or business Initiatives.
  • Extend/Improve existing processes and enhance Competitiveness.
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Improve efficiency and fill in the white spaces.


As part of the SAP Upgrade Activities we undertake:
  • Complete AS-IS versus TO-BE system analysis
  • Analyze SAP system usage.
  • Analyze custom code, programs and objects.
  • Identify SAP standard code that could replace custom code.
  • Identify unused custom code.
  • Identify all impacted objects and modules.
  • Identify impacted roles and authorizations.
  • Identify impacted business processes.
  • Generate test plans.
  • Compare systems to ensure consistency and synchronization.
  • Conduct an object comparison to identify
  • Inconsistencies in the ABAP dictionary.
  • Identify new transaction codes.
  • Identify any transaction codes that are now obsolete.

Valgen uses an automated tool to do a full system analysis and provide a risk & Impact assessment.


Unicode Conversion:


Most customers require unicode conversion for


  • Managing Global business processes or Global Master data
  • Global master data containing multiple local language characters
  • J2EE and .NET integration (Java speaks Unicode only!) integration of third-party products that run on different code pages
  • The Unicode Standard was adopted by industry leaders (e.g., Apple, HP, IBM JustSystem, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sun, Sybase, Unisys, and many others)
  • Unicode is required by modern standards such as XML, Java, ECMAScript (JavaScript), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), CORBA 3.0, and Wireless Markup Language (WML)

Call us to understand what sort of business benefits can accrue from an SAP Upgrade & Unicode Conversion