In today's world companies realise that there are core competencies and there are allied functions to support the core competencies of a company. IT has now become a strategic and very important aspect of any business  ,with the result, companies are in a dilemma whether to outsource this critical function as this has a very large impact on a company's fortunes. Also IT outsourcing was initially restricted to large companies and large sized deals . However this is now changing.


Valgen in line with the current environment & needs of customers proposes a strategic partnership model wherein the cost of the IT operations is a fixed component of the sales of a company. Valgen though its in depth domain expertise in various verticals as well as technology can help you to bring value for your IT spend. Added to that, we help you to grow and the model is true to that statement" That in your growth therein lies our Growth "


Companies can now be assured that instead of an IT vendor, they now have a strategic IT partner for enabling & growing their business.

Why Valgen


Deep Domain expertise in Numerous Verticals

Support for a comprehensive Gamut of IT Services which includes:


  • Implementations & Rollouts
  • Support
  • Upgrades
  • Value Dicovery assessments


Infrastructure Building Services
  • Infrastructure Design Deployment & Integration
  • Restructuring of existing IT Infrastructure
  • Proposing appropriate storage solutions including backup, disaster recovery & buisness continuity
  • Suggest Information Security services


Infrastructure Management Services
  • Server Management
  • Desktop Management
  • Network Connectivity
  • Asset Management - Hardware & software
  • Audit


Open Source Software Services
  • Planning
  • Architecture Development
  • Deployment
  • Management


Remote Infrastructure Management
Application Development


We have several Models to enable the provision of our services:


Offshore Delivery Model : all project development, right from the initial study till the final testing is done on the premises of Valgen. Cases having well defined project goals, where deviation from the predetermined parameters is unlikely, work well with this model. 


On-site Delivery Model : skilled Valgen professionals are deployed at the client's site. In cases where a project needs variability/specific type of resources, or where it's crucial to offer post-deployment support, this model is feasible. 


Hybrid Delivery Model : this is a combination of both on-site and offshore delivery models to bring the best of both worlds, along with maximizing efficiency and optimizing costs. Direct interaction with the clients is done by the on-site team, which can take up the role of program managers, consultants, and developers, based on project requirements.