Successful companies build their business around the customer. They know who their most valuable customers are and understand their needs and buying habits. They target and tailor their offerings and personalize their interactions with their customers. Successful companies design and continuously improve business processes across their entire ecosystem – including partners, suppliers, resellers, and distributors – to respond quickly to changing customer needs. They strive to become fully customer driven, delivering superior customer value and consistently providing exceptional customer experience across all customer touch points. They make every effort to build long-term relationships with their customers, recognizing that keeping customers is more profitable in the long run than winning new customers over and over again. Essentially, this is what CRM is about. It’s a customer-centric business strategy – not a technology.


More than ever, CRM is critical to an organization’s success. After more than a decade of harnessing cost-savings potential to remain competitive in an increasingly global economy, driving growth has replaced cutting costs as the most important goal of most CEOs. Hence, it is no surprise that CRM is back on the agenda of many top executives.


Until recently, price and efficiency were the driving forces of competition. Many companies set their sights on increasing their competitive strengths by improving their internal processes. Continuous, standardized processes were the key to new efficiency potential and to survival in the market. The spotlight has since shifted to relationships with customers and partners, internal efficiency alone is no longer enough to guarantee market differentiation and competitive edge. Success is no longer determined only by price and product, but also depends on well-designed sales channels and service processes.



 Feature  Advantage
  • Make intelligent business decisions with enhanced customer insights
  • Increase marketing velocity and speed to market
  • Maximize visibility into and control of your entire marketing process
  • Drive customer demand
  • Increase returns on your marketing investments

  • Grow profitable relationships
  • Maintain focus on productive activity
  • Eliminate barriers to productivity
  • Improve sales efficiency

  • Transform service into a profitable line of business
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Drive revenue
  • Reduce costs of customer service and field service
  • Decrease service giveaways

Web channel enablement
  • Drive revenue and extend market reach
  • Increase customer convenience and satisfaction
  • Reduce the cost of sales and support
  • Build lasting customer loyalty
  • Improve sales and service profitability

Running an interaction center
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve credibility with your customers
  • Increase revenue and productivity
  • Manage the customer interaction life cycle

Partner channel management
  • Boost revenue through channel collaboration
  • Reduce indirect channel support costs
  • Increase partner satisfaction and ease of doing business
  • Maximize value to your customers by enabling your partners


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Valgen CRM offerings :


  • Strategy , Design & Deployment
  • CRM Sales and Order Management, Opportunity Management, Campaign Management, Customer Service and Operations, Customer Self-Service/Electronic Storefront, Billing and Payment processing, Internet Sales/Mobile
  • Catalog and Content Management, Marketing campaigns
  • Sales Force Automation
  • CRM Analytics and Reporting