Companies have invested into ERP and SAP systems in particular over the last couple of years. Moving forward with an increasing mobile workforce there will be a distinct need for enterprise applications to be mobile-enabled.

The Benefits of Mobility are:

Increased customer satisfaction
Efficiency of operations
Enhanced productivity


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Key Considerations for mobile enabling enterprise applications are

Business considerations
  • Roadmap & strategy
  • Selecting the high impact enterprise functions or business scenarios to be mobile-enabled
  • Long-term strategy of the organization with respect to enterprise mobility
  • Investments & benefits
  • Reducing TCO while increasing the ROI
  • Where the key investments should be made
  • Time to implement the solution
  • Mobility governance
  • Mobility governance to include organization, policy and planning to ensure secure and responsible usage of mobility
  • Devices and services


Architectural Considerations
  • Existing landscape or architecture – Evaluate the option of overlaying the mobile solution on existing landscape.
  • Whether the business scenarios need to be online or should they also support of one mode (Disconnected mode).
  • Integration with multiple back ends – Consider the different back end systems that need to be interfaced for executing various business processes.
  • Support for multiple devices – Plan for devices that need to be supported in future, beyond specific devices identifed for support in the near term.
  • Security aspects and criticality of data – Based on the criticality of the data, one needs to plan for managing the device and secure the data being transmitted.
  • User base and user experience – Who are the users and what kind of user experience is needed for the mobile so lution. For example, browser feel, high responsive, rich user interface, etc.


VALGEN provides the most effective strategy for mobilizing enterprise systems and providing reliable data access from a variety of device types in a platform-based approach. With a platform, you can easily manage the entire mobile enterprise and integrate mobile and legacy environments in a seamless, flexible and cost-effective manner.


Please let us know how we can help you to create vision for the future, design and extended your company business processes to Smartphone, and have your SAP run with you on the MOVE.

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